An integrated approach to European Union genres
Theory and applications

An integrated approach to European Union genres. Theory and applications is a two-volume study, whose purpose is to provide a theoretical survey as well as an applicative investigation of European Union genres. Volume I explores the fundamental theories of genre analysis as developed over the last fifty years. Volume II discusses the results of a corpus-driven genre analysis carried out on a collection of texts representative of a specific EU genre, the Calls for proposals.
This volume offers an overview of the global trend towards a reconceptualization of the notion of ‘genre’ that has taken place since the 1950s and has involved scholars from North America, Australia and Europe, such as Carolyn Miller, Amy Devitt, Raquya Hasan, Michael A. K. Halliday, James Martin, Vijay Bhatia, John Swales, and Norman Fairclough. A whole section is devoted to illustrating current research in genre studies which avail themselves of the contribution of corpus-based analysis.


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